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NCAA, NFHS, FIFA Differences

As we keep with our focus on fitness, here is a link from FIFA on nutrition. Be sure to look at page 51 of the document as it pertains to officials.

USSF Lower Body Strength Movements

Sports Nutrition for Officiating

Warming up your core

Classification Guide for playoff eligibility

New Member Information

Spring 2016 Clinic Presentation

Spring 2016 Poiints of Emphasis

Spring 2016 Association Meeting

Fall 2015 Mid-season Clinic Presentation

Fall 2015 Mid-season Clinic

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2015 Summer Clinic Information

2015 Points of Emphasis

2015 -2016 Rules

2015 Local Clinic #1

2015 Fall Association Meeting

Ref Spray/ Beeper Flags Guidelines

Positioning and Movement

2014 Summer Clinic Links

Nutritional information
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Recovery information

Suggested Warm Up
Warm up as a group—that does not mean going through these actions in unison, remember a 28 year old warms up differently and likely faster than a 51 year old.

Pick an end of the field or an open area not interfering with the players’ warm up. The warm-up should take 5-10 minutes.

1) Stretch: Static stretching and dynamic stretching including such things as pulling knees up, touch toes (with toes pointed up), pull foot behind back (quad stretch)

2) Start with a jog with increasing pace up to multiple levels of sprinting. Get your heart rate up so you are ready to go at the opening whistle.

3) Lateral movement—sidestepping, crossover stepping etc.

4) Change direction—forward to side to backward etc.

2013 -2014 Training Materials and Information

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(2010 Women's State Championship Learning Moments)

(2011Women's State Championship Learning Moments)

(2012Women's State Championship Learning Moments)

Password is trirefs on the external site

Spring Presentations

Spring Clinic

Association Meeting

Fall Presentations

Clinic (powerpoint--this is a large file and will take some time to load)

Association Meeting (powerpoint)

Game management (powerpoint)

NFHS Preseason Guide (pdf)

New Members (powerpoint)

Final Decision Flyer (doc)

Reasons for Ejection (powerpoint)

2012 -2013 Training Materials and Information

Fall 2012 (powerpoint)

2012-2013 rules (powerpoint)

Spring 2013 Presentation (powerpoint)

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